Jesse Golomb


My interests lie at the intersection of media, journalism, technology, economics and society. In particular, I'm fascinated by the ways digital technologies and media consumership habits affect real, physical experiences, how our devices and internet connections both empower us and weigh us down.

My hope as a postgraduate is to contribute to a future in which digital media represents an overwhelming net positive -- a future where the internet promotes positive communication and economic growth, rather than a whole lot of yelling and an increasingly stratified society.

To that end, I've tried to do everything I can to develop a three-dimensional understanding of our changing media environment.

In school, I'm a Literary Studies and Communication Studies double major, and a Corporate Strategy minor. By the time I graduate this coming May, I'll have taken classes taught by 14 different Vanderbilt departments, and done everything from developing multiple businesses to penning a screenplay.

Outside the classroom, I've interned for ESPN, VICE, Steiner Sports Marketing, Newsday, and 1 Degree Management.

In acquiring a broad depth of knowledge across a number of subjects on campus and seeking valuable opportunities off-campus, I have tried to explore the relationship between technology, media consumption and the greater good from every angle available and also acquire the tools needed to turn understanding into action. Along the way, I've developed a knack for problem solving and creative thinking, as well as an ability to present ideas in an appealing, exciting way. I feel ready to take the next step and help a digital media organization realize its goals.

Digital technologies are changing the world at a rate faster than we can understand. Nobody knows exactly where we're headed. Still, if we arm ourselves with enough experience and understanding, I believe we can glimpse around the bend -- and hopefully, one day, bend the future in the right direction.